1975, Incorporated


Main Office:

 PO BOX  11597

200 East Cama Street (28217)

Charlotte, NC  28220



 Office: 704-588-5170                

Facsimile: 704-588-5173                   

Website: carteryork.com


Hours of Operation:

8:00AM - 5:00pm

Monday - Friday EST


Office and Warehouse Facilities:

  • 48,000  Square Feet
  • 16 foot Ceiling
  • Dock level loading
  • Outside Storage
  • Three Lift Trucks and necessary Handling Equipment
  • Company Trucks      


Organizations & Associations:


  • National  Electrical Manufacturing Representative  Association
  • Associated General Contractors
  • Master Electrical Contractors Associations
  • North Carolina Association of Electrical Contractors
  • Charlotte Engineers Club
  • Construction  Specification Institute


C.D. Carter, Jr.

  • Past  board of Governors – Member - Nemra
  • Past  President – Carolina Chapter – Nemra
  • Past vice-president –Carolina Chapter – Nemra
  • Past Secretary/Treasurer – Carolina Chapter -  Nemra



Office Information Systems:

Carter-York-Agency offers a technologically advanced order entry and sales management system through the latest release of MACS software running on UNIX and Windows servers.  The MACS software system allows us to conduct computer communications, electronic data exchange, individualized account analysis, and advanced order entry and inventory maintenance.  In addition to the MACS system, each employee has a Networked PC and the latest Windows package.  This allows us to incorporate Microsoft Office, Visi-Fax Gold fax program and other accessories that enable Carter-York-Agency to maintain our excellent service record.  Carter-York-Agency also offers the latest technologies to our Outside Sales staff.  Our sales personnel carry the latest smart phones and/or laptops/tablets to stay in touch with our factories, customers and Inside Sales staff.  We believe our timely response to technology can only benefit both our factories and customers as it strengthens Carter-York-Agency’s position in the marketplace as a preferred manufacturer representative agency in the Carolinas and Virginia.


Company Mission Statement:

We at Carter-York-Agency believe that our distributors, contractors, and engineers are the foundation of our success.  It is our purpose as independent manufacturer representative to provide these customers the best possible product lines and the best possible service.  Carter-York-Agency is constantly building the most informed sales staff in the Carolinas to guide our customers through a horizontally integrated network of products, ranging from commodity items to engineered specified products and systems.  Our aggressive sales and management staff, both young and experienced will insure our place as a leader of the future.


Our Mission:

  • To provide a unique mixture of experience and youth
  • To provide  professional communication capabilities
  • To  provide a wide product base
  • To provide a complimentary line of products
  • To provide a customer driven company team